So since I bought a Kindle, I have really enjoyed getting back in to reading again. With having to travel on the train to work and back, it gives me a good amount of time to just sit and read because as before, climbing in to bed in the evening to read and I am lucky if I get through 3 pages before passing out!

I have just finished this series from Conn Iggulden which is all about the Khan dynasty starting with Genghis Khan as a boy and going a couple generations on. It really is a great series and well written and often found myself cursing the train arriving at my stop and having to stop reading!

So if you are looking for something historical, something with some action, and just a really great and exciting read, do yourself a favour and pick up a copy. I would recommend not buying the full series via the discounted bulk purchase on Amazon though as its just one lumped up book so if you ever want to go back and read just one of the books, it makes it pretty hard to navigate back to that part.

Happy reading!