My mixes

So here it is, a brief description of all the mixes loaded in to the MP3 player. As more are loaded I will keep updating the list so you can see whats happening!

Once you select the mix you want to listen to and click play, you will see a download mp3 button pop up on the player. Click it in Mac (or right click in Windows), and you can save the mix to listen on your ipod, in your car, wherever!

There is also a pop out player which when clicked, will bring a small window out with the player and playlist so that you can close the rest of the browser and still carry on listening.


  • Rocking with Danny – This is a nice n deep tech house mix inspired by the man himself, Danny Tenaglia!
  • Vinyl Frontier – DnB mix: This is a short mix which I submitted to 5FM in South Africa to be played on their morning show on fridays where they show cased local DJs and it was the first drum n bass played on a mainstream commercial radio station!
  • Die Hard – A happy hardcore mix just to release the angry in you!
  • In Music We Trust – A nice deep house mix to get your head bobbing!
  • Road Rage – Drum n bass at its finest.
  • A Jumping Castle is Fun – A cheeky little garage set for a bit of a change.
  • Its the Way – Drum n bass for your veins.
  • Southern Shuffle – Some deep an nasty breakbeats to get your ass going.
  • Back in the Day Vol 2 – Some real old school house music from “The White Horse days”
  • Back in the Day Vol 3 – Some more real old school house music from “The White Horse days”
  • What is in Barry Whites cd player – Funky house music to make you sway and get those feet tapping!
  • Walking cards in the air – A sultry, rolling drum n bass mix.
  • The Breakfast Club – Bit of crazy breakbeat vibes!
  • The Simple Things in Life – Jump up and breakbeat and drum n bass mix!
  • The Beginning pt1 – Some tripping breaks flowing in to some dark trance.
  • Swing My Way – Drum n bass that’s gonna swing you this way n that!
  • Smile you’re on camera – Might as well smile before you get twisted to this drum n bass trip!
  • Reincarnation – Some chill, smooth flowing drum n bass vibes.
  • PaperClip Grooves – Grooving house tunes to get that head bobbing!
  • Higher Ground – Drum n bass flowing onwards n upwards.
  • Hard Soul – Straight up kick you in the nuts hard n fast drum n bass!
  • Flowing Soundz – Finger lickin breaks dropping in to some deep drum n bass.
  • Eyes almost open – Some abstract house vibes flowing in to some grooving breakbeat tunes!
  • Everyone Dies – Gut wrenching and dark drum n bass vibes!
  • Dawn Delivery – An old school drum n bass collection.
  • Can you see the Sky – Bit of breaks, bit of balearic house, bit of a trippy mix.
  • A balearic trip on a saturday afternoon – A dreamy, hard n fast balearic house mix.