Roughly speaking

|| Life’s struggles continue to challenge us. They tug and pull in every direction leaving us confused and not knowing what path to take. In the end, you take the path that you choose which you always hope is the right one.. sww ||


I’m ginja.. I’m a gentleman.. I’m covered in tattoos.. I’m addicted to chocolate.. I’m straight-edged.. I’m raising a beard.. I am who I am..

So some of you might wonder why the change in the site. Well life changes, things change and my direction in life has changed once again. The old site is still available here though [-site-] , so feel free to browse if you want.

With the new site, it will be a lot more focused on who I am, what I love, what I enjoy. It will be a lot more content driven and I have some ideas that have been on my mind a lot which I want to try and get out so keep coming back and have a peek in to what is happening.

By the way, I live in London, England, with a little pekingese dog called Max (#maxthepeke on instagram).

Welcome to my life.