The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

If you haven’t seen this film yet, you have to! It really is one of those inspiring films that will leave your outlook on your life changed! Well it did for me..

For a while now I have been itching for a meaning to my life, to do something, to explore, to experience. Its so easy to get stuck in to a rut or a rhythm, everyone has fallen in to that trap at some point in their lives and it is a challenge to get out of it. I always find it hard to try and break that cycle so decided to go a different route and do something a bit at a time.. First up, I bought myself a power kite and learnt to fly it. Next up, a landboard to add to that for a bit of an adventure.. Then finally in that “sequence”, I will be taking up kite surfing.. I have also started with a long term plan to finally get the tattoo work finished so keep an eye on the site as those appointments progress!

I also am planning to visit Iceland (where the skateboard scene is in the movie) next summer season, with a long board and I will be skating those same deserted roads and do a bit of exploring.

Life is just too short to worry about the little things anymore and its time to get out there and experience life. Probably the most unfortunate is that everything just costs so much now so major travelling to all those amazing places around the world does become a lot harder and limited. But you gotta try right?

Have a look at the trailer below (courtesy of Youtube) and then get out there and watch the full film and prepare to be inspired! 🙂

The soundtrack is also pretty amazing and is a regular in the playlist on my phone, so definitely a recommended purchase if you in the mood for something new to listen too!